Renewable energy and storage


Branas, specialist in renewable energies, favors the production of green electricity from renewable energies such as solar and wind, which have proven their maturity. In order to respond to the intermittency of these energies and to continue supporting their growth, we have developed efficient storage systems.


  • Improvement of System Security

  • Downward pressure on the prices of ancillary services

  • Greater reliability of Supply

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It is produced by light (photovoltaic energy) or the heat of the sun (thermosolar) for the generation of electricity or the production of heat. This electricity is inexhaustible and renewable since it comes from the sun and is obtained by means of panels and mirrors. It offers numerous benefits that place it as one of the most promising. Renewable, non-polluting and available throughout the planet, it contributes to sustainable development and the generation of employment in the areas where it is implemented …

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It is the energy obtained from the wind. It is one of the oldest energy resources exploited by humans and is today the most mature and efficient energy of all renewable energies. It consists of converting the energy produced by the movement of the blades of a wind turbine driven by the wind into electrical energy. It does not pollute, it is inexhaustible and it reduces the use of fossil fuels, the origin of greenhouse emissions that cause global warming.

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Through lithium batteries, which will be responsible for storing solar and wind energy so they can be used at night or in periods when we do not have enough wind or solar radiation. In addition, these batteries are also responsible for supplying a current greater than that received by the solar panel or wind turbines to improve performance.

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